she never say

i could write a thousand words and a million more, describing how i feel for you. i am scared to my bones, but the kind of fear that makes you wanna go for more. that addictive feeling of fleeting glances that would make one’s heart flutter. do you dream of me? i do, a lot. but not asleep, i do it with my eyes open. i dream of ruffling your hair, watch you fall into your sleep, wear your shirt, kiss you when the stop light turns red, walk with you in the park or anywhere i don’t really care as long as i have your hand in mine. as long as your heart beats close to mine. i’d kiss you in the rain or watch the stars fall in our heads, bury my face in your chest when i’m afraid, call your name for no reason at all but just to make sure that you are there and would never leave. don’t ever leave. i’m fragile and i’m willing to risk it because i’ve never care for anyone in my life as much as you that when i close my eyes i saw your face and the things that could be if we try.




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