I DONT WANT to let go just yet. Can you imagine it? Walking on your own? Hunting for jobs, working for your living, carrying that heavy feeling that your parents are waiting for your first pay, first treat? It is all too grown-up-ish to me. And I cant… I dont think I am up for that yet. Isnt it scary, mortifying, like you are out on a battlefield, with your  sword and armor clinking with your gears, but you never  had experience to swing, never once in your life, but then you are expected to be good at it, to be able to perform well like a hardcore killer not making mistakes. If I could freeze time right now. If  I can only keep this moment forever, with friends, with this carefree youth, with your happiness on your hands. I admit I am afraid of responsibilities. I am afraid that they will depend on me. That there will be an expectation on me. But the world is too large and I feel so small. I am not ready to be out yet. I feel like anytime, I can be easily broken, out there.


2 thoughts on “Fears

  1. Hey dude, its been a very long time since I heard about you! And I am very glad that I did, even if I only open this site after a month. So annibeee, I guess we all feel the same way. But don’t pressure yourself too much on what others expect from you. Just do what you think is worth doing. But don’t overdo it. Someday, you’ll be a grown-up. I am happy that you’re actually getting a head start on that. Let’s talk when we meet, and I am hoping it’ll be soon! 🙂 I miss you, and also the girl whom I replied this comment to. Sorry, I don’t open my account in tumblr anymore. – Ambss 🙂

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