To those who wake up each morning with a purpose
To those people who can smile like nothing’s ever wrong with their lives
To those sharp, attentive, efficient people
To those who go out on dates
To those who design their walls, their nails, their shoes
To those who CAN sit in the park with friends
To those who are pursuing their real dreams
To those who can freely say ‘fuck you’ to anyone who stand their way
To those who are  happy, loud, comfortable and contented
To those who are happy, loud/meek, in love
To those who can drink until they throw up their brains
To those who help their parents prepare dinner
To those who can get a B- and will just laugh at it
To those who have friends who will laugh with you
To those who get to be who they want to be
To those who don’t give a damn singing even not on tune
To those who can sleep peacefully at night
To those who don’t just forget, or break things
To those who are sure of themselves who they are
To those who are not me.


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