Love is what?

I don’t know what love is. Maybe its the feeling you get when you see your parents during weekends, or that moment when you pet your cats and talk to them, cuddle each of them, or its when you watch a sappy movie and your heart constrict you cannot take it any longer so you’ll burst into tears, but after that movie you’ll just go back to the usual things you’re doing, and think “Why is my life not like a movie?”

Oh well, I don’t feel any romantic love for the opposite sex right now. So the fairy tales, the happy ever after, the forever love for each other, the promises, the sweetness, the balloons, cakes, and roses during Valentine’s day, the movies together, the kiss, the holding hands, the hugs and sex, the late night text and call with each other, the flirting, and whatever it is that couples do. I don’t do that. Simply because I am not with someone. I am just by myself, alone, waiting, frustrated… okay, so I am not frustrated. Actually, it’s okay for me. Because who needs someone anyway? If I don’t feel like falling in love or loving someone or looking for that prince charming of mine, then it’s okay.

I still have remaining years for me to do that. Actually, I could do that right now. If only I could feel the love that they were describing in books, or showing in the movies. Because at this moment, I realize, love is the hardest thing to find.

Not the shallow love some teenagers think that’s true love, but the real love love with no happy endings, no forever love, no promises, no balloons, cakes, and roses during Valentine’s day. Just you and him together because you wanted to be. For no reason, no apprehensions, no doubts. Just love, that love.

So, I am being a hopeless romantic right now. For a change, I guess.


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