We’ve trudged a long rough path to be where we are right now. We’ve faced adversities that taught us how to stand up and fight. We’ve been separated for years but that doesn’t mean we cannot reconnect ourselves with words. Some of us are born to be writers, some are made, and some are still wandering the journey of grammars and punctuation (like me), searching for the right words to spill itself out of the beans. We may not be the greatest bunch of schoolgirls but we’re definitely awesome wicked ones.

College, as it appears, passed on our eyes like a blur and it seems that our high school life together was just yesterday. The idea of creating this blog site is to nurture every reader as well as ourselves of what’s currently happening in our different lives. We’ve set foot on different roads, but still we try to find time to meet in the same corner. As it appears, this blog site is that corner.

Our life has been like a roller coaster ride (up’s and down’s as people say), and it doesn’t end when we say “stop”, it’s a ride of eternity until our names and bodies are buried in the graveyard. Our friendship, like words, will be permanently buried in our hearts. And recalling every sentences we create is like looking back to the times where we spent it at the back of Logan’s house dreaming about our own lives, talking about boys, laughing in our own jokes, listening to the sound of the crickets, and looking at the bright stars. Those were the moments we try, and sometimes fail, to bring back again.

Before I burst into tears and reminisce all the good memories, I’d like to introduce you to the writers and contributors of this blog site. As it appears, we will be writing under our pen-names, different from our authentic ones, but still says a lot about us.

Amber’s posts will be written under Ambersome

You can read Logan’s entries in paperboat

Writings of Anne is under Anneebee

Laurice’s blogs can be found in Of Lau

Although I hardly seen the last two girls post their stories in here, I am still hoping they are somehow reading ours 🙂

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(This post was written by your awesome and witty friend, A)


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